That's easy - we're all about JESUS. Welcome to Tahoe Forest Church where our purpose is to love Jesus and love Tahoe. 

God has called our local church to make an impact in people's lives in a very real and authentic way. We believe this happens best through genuine relationships with one another, studying the teachings of Jesus together, and working out how we apply them to our daily lives. This amazing call is too good not to share, so we invite you to join along the journey with us!


Grace and Peace,

Terrence Sutton




The church is not a building or a piece of property but a family of imperfect people growing in relationship with a perfect God. Leveraging music and relevant biblical teachings, we offer purpose-filled gatherings to grow together as a commuity of seekers and believers. 



Life was never meant to be lived alone. God created you to experience life alongside other people. Our groups consist of a number of people who gather together each week. They come in all shapes and sizes — married couples, singles, men, women, young adults, seniors, empty-nesters, and more. We structure our groups into three different purposes: Social Groups, Learning Groups and Service Groups.  



Our church family finds deep value and worth in all stages of life.  We believe each person has something to teach and pass on to someone coming up behind them. That’s why we believe the church should always be growing younger even as we grow older and wiser. We prioritize resources and staff toward our nursery, kids, middle school, high school and adult ministries. We also invest in young adults through our Tahoe Resident Leadership Program, an immersive and unique ministry-equipping cohort experience.



We’re created to love God and love others. Because of this, we leverage our finances, resources, and our 52 acre campus to serve a myriad of different groups. We host a handful of community-wide events in the Town of Truckee and proclaim the name of Jesus and His Good News for everyone. We venture to our neighboring cities to serve and love where we can. It’s our joy to host numerous under-resourced groups from some of the poorest neighborhoods in San Francisco, Reno and Sacramento. We often introduce many to God’s creation in Tahoe for the first time. Far more importantly we’re passionate to share the love of Jesus and hope of His message with each and every one of them!


We're more than a non-profit hosting activities and events. We're all about the Church in action - that includes YOU! Please let us know how we can serve you and get you plugged in to all of the exciting things Jesus is doing in Tahoe and beyond.