Step-in and Step-up


Where would we be without the TRLP Program in 2020-2021? I remember  when Pastor Terrence (my hubby) and I first experienced the 52 acre  Campus of Tahoe Forest Church. We walked around the property with  eyes wide open knowing that God had BIG plans for the future of the  Church. The vision of raising up the next generation of leaders was  planted in our minds on that very first tour. Our hearts immediately  thought of all the Christian young adults that would call Tahoe home for  an immersive period of time to learn, grow, create, glean, inspire, stretch,  encounter, and lead.  


When the Tahoe Resident Leadership Program became a reality during the  COVID pandemic of 2020 we were so blessed to watch our TRLP residents  thrive in all areas of the church. As Kid’s Director, I watched the leaders  teach, play, disciple and joyfully entertain our preschool through 5th grade  students. So many of my core leader volunteers in Kid’s Ministry had to  take a step back from serving to take care of teaching their own children,  adapt to work-from-home life, and manage all the stresses of COVID. I  was left praying to God asking, “How are we as a church going to get  through this?”. It was the LORD’S providential plan to provide TRLP  leaders to “Step-in and Step-up” to lead Kid’s Church and provide so much  support to our families. God always amazes me when he plants seeds of  vision in our minds and allows us to grow that seed into reality. The TRLP  program is real life hands on ministry! It blessings both the participate and  the church body. I am so grateful to our group of leaders and all they do  for Kid’s Church and the church as a whole. 


Kate Sutton  

Kid’s Director  

Tahoe Forest Church