One Shot

One Shot


I don’t know if your Netflix viewing choices are anything like my own, but I have a very real and nerdy appeal to documentaries and docuseries.  Now if you combine that with my heritage of farmers in the family a lethal product emerges.  The docu-style films of people leaping headfirst into the world of farming without the proper know-how!  This is often described by the film maker and cast as “naive”, “unprepared” even downright CRAZY!  Yet this is an accurate description of my daily life.


Since age 23 I have been in full-time Christian ministry and it has never become predictable, boring or mundane.  No, every single year is an absolute adventure.  I have never let my budget dictate God’s vision and that often brings with it some HUGE risks.  Even though I have been a pastor for 17 years I am still learning, growing, risking, failing, succeeding and striving.  In this one farming documentary a young couple who just started in the field asked an old season worn famer for advice and I will never forget what he said, “Why are you asking me?  I have only been at this for 20 years.  So, if you think about it I only get one shot at this every year… I have only tried this farming thing … 20 times.”


What a great perspective.  If I were to be honest with you my preference would be to have a surgeon with “THOUSANDS” of surgeries under their belt.  Only 13 sounds a bit small in comparison.  Yet that is exactly who I am who our church is.  We only get ONE summer per year to execute “outdoor church” Easter through Halloween.  We only get ONE Christmas per year.  ONE Easter, One 4th of July!  Since we only get one shot at it each year … we better make the most of each opportunity!


So join us as we operate out of humility and an always curious and visionary mindset.  Strive for the best possible outcome each and every annual shot that we are given!