Cork Board

At the beginning of our time together we asked Ryan to get us a cork board that we could hang up on the wall of our house to post our schedules on so that we would all be on the same page about things. Ryan agreed and by the next week it was up on our wall. We were really good about keeping it updated that first week we had it up and it was a great resource but by the third or fourth week of it being on the wall we realized it had never been updated and still had our first schedule posted on it from the first week. Then, somewhat out of the blue Connor had the idea of turning that empty cork board into a prayer board. That night Connor went around to everyone in the house asking for their specific prayer requests as he wrote them down on varying bright colored post notes and pinning them to the board. Having the board has been an excellent reminder not only to pray and intercede on others behalf but also the reminder of what used to be there. We used to fill it with our schedules, the things we had to do, the places and the times we needed to be and don't get me wrong those are necessary things to be thinking of but seeing that prayer board everyday humbles me and reminds me of the needs and desires of others that have asked for prayer. Every Thursday morning all 5 of us guys in the house get together to study God's word and pray for every single person and request that is on that board. It's something we’ve come to really appreciate and it's probably an intentional habit that I will bring with me in every house that I live in from here on out.

Submitted by Jacob Johnson