5-Month, Single Semester Option | Aug 15 - Dec 27

This program option is intended to fit a student who may be interested in taking a semester off from his or her college plan to benefit from real-world experience and gain more insight into ministry work. The length of this option is ideal for students on an academic calendar. This program option may also appeal to students considering a gap year after high-school or to those seeking an opportunity to participate in more than one experience for the year. Program Cost: $2500 Includes Housing

11-Month, Year Long Option | June 1 - May 1

This program option allows residents to participate in the full scope of church ministries, events, and seasonal opportunities. Summer at our Campus in Tahoe features outdoor church, family campouts, and numerous events that host various groups. Residents focus on a capstone project which allows for individual autonomy and creativity within a ministry of their choice. In addition, as part of the service-learning component of the experience, residents help build and lead an international service trip. Program Cost: $3500 Includes Housing